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Pendant Light
About This Project

Experimental Project : Craft Work Informatica


Copper Infilled Filament Lighting System

This project utilized the latest design processes in computational design and digital fabrication to recreate the unique charm and valueof objects produced by traditional craftsmanship.The 3D-printed resin shade containing copper is coated with an oxide film using a proprietary coloring method to achieve beautiful coloration.

Material exploration for reproducing the invisible value of the ‘Hand-Crafted’ process

To express uniqueness and individuality, we reinterpreted traditional coloring methods and attempted to reproduce metal dyeing techniques through a chemical approach.
Vivid colors are achieved by examining the differences in oxidation reactions due to the mixing ratio of resin, copper, and brass, as well as various chemical reactions that react with copper.

Unique shape to bring out the colouration

The shades are 3D printed using reusable PLA with filaments containing copper powder.The knitted texture and this unique shape, which can only be produced with FFF technology, is designed not only as a decorative element, but also to increase surface area, promote oxidative reactions, and enhance coloration.